2 "All I Ask" by Adele . […] This is the 2nd installment of SLIS’s 60 Best Cover Songs Of All Time. IDK how such a tiny person could produce so much sound. Every time I hear this cover, it makes my heart swell and fills me with unadulterated joy. Joy Division, made dancier and less depressing. The track is a unique take on the beloved classic that has over 142 Million streams on Spotify alone. The Lemonheads - "Mrs. Robinson" Atlantic Records. A playlist of wan covers that kind of make us want to pull out our hair. The Village Voice named this cover the worst song of the 2000s. Here are eight covers that rocked the ’90s and gave each track a new audience. Simple as that. 22. Best R&B Movie Soundtracks. [124] Description: Sad Songs and better covers! It’s not metal but its heavy. What happens when Trent Reznor jams with Ministry? Love Breakup - Sad Songs is a Hindi album released on Feb 2015. May 21, 2009 John Shearer/WireImage.com. Looking for sad breakup songs? *Crispin Glover’s cover of Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are made For Walking is another great wacko cover. Bring The Noise-Anthrax and Public Enemy "New York State of Mind," originally by Billy Joel, "Don't Rain on My Parade," originally by Barbra Streisand, "Teenage Dream," originally by Katy Perry, "I Feel Pretty / Unpretty," originally by Julie Andrews / TLC, "Pure Imagination," originally by Gene Wilder, "Thriller / Heads Will Roll" originally by Michael Jackson / The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "The Only Exception," originally by Paramore, "Valerie," originally by Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse, "Baby, It's Cold Outside," originally by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer, "Smooth Criminal," originally by Michael Jackson, "Make You Feel My Love," originally by Adele, "Call Me Maybe," originally by Carly Ray Jepsen, "Somewhere Only We Know," originally by Keane, "Don't Stop Believin'," originally by Journey. ; Content: Sad Covers and Acoustics.Sad Mood playlists, mainly alternative music based. Click here for entries 60 through 20. Best R&B Songs of 2007. […], […] Filth Pig is an unfairly maligned gem, and I’ll be exploring that in our next Albums Revisited […], […] my favorite bands were like Black Sabbath which to me are so bluesy..and also the MC5 and Blue Cheer…a lot of psychedelic 60′s rock. The fact they made Gerry Rafferty’s cheesy song compelling is testament to Dave Grohl’s talents. If your favorite is missing, add it to … He changed the lyrics for his version from what he described as just another love song into a coarse, introspective journey in search of truth. Again, y'all know how I feel about a Santana-centered song. Their cover of the Beatles Dear Prudence is also excellent. You can truly feel Rachel's love for Finn and also Lea's love for Corey in every single note. it’s a wholly different vibe, but seeing your mostly metal and hard rock preferences, i’m not sure you’d like this rnb? Sure, I hear the lyrics and the melody, but what makes this cover stand out is the way it makes me FEEL — specifically, how much I'm able to ~feel their love~. An energized live romp of Fat Domino’s 50’s classic. A great punk cover of the Crickets song. Dec 20, 2020 - Find me on spotify : Ashley Partin. Shadowplay-The Killers. Best Songs to Soothe a Broken Heart. Lonely (with benny blanco) Justin Bieber, benny blanco • Lonely (with benny blanco) 2:29 0:30. still worth a listen! We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. 40 Best Cover Songs by Rock Bands, According to Loudwire Aug 11, 2020. From the amazing Gentlemen album. Loudwire came up with the 40 Best Cover Songs by Rock Bands. 2. you broke me first Tate McRae • you broke me first. Looking for sad breakup songs? Hard to find…. [122] Additionally, NME also included this cover on its list of the worst songs of the 2000s [123] and Ultimate Classic Rock highlighted this song in their Terrible Classic Rock Covers series. Their cover of the Beatles Dear Prudence is also excellent. 21. A smooth cocktail lounge twist on the Velvet Underground classic. This is the song that put Glee on the map and put Journey BACK on the map. Top 10 Essential 1990s R&B and Soul Albums. And let’s not forget his manic takes on Elton John and Bob Dylan. 2:49 0:30. 22. Most covers pay respect to the original in some way, but Smith gives the song a new light. One (i.e. I realize this may conflict with the all time description but oh well. Joy Division, made dancier and less depressing. This band has done a bunch of great covers, but their versions of Cocteau Twins and Sade (respectively), are true gems. Too bad it was the theme song for a shit tv show. If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. I love your split decision re:Manson! J. Mascis gives a nice noise rock makeover to the pop goth Cure classic. Also, any performance that heavily features the dance moves of Mike Chang and Brittany is also top-tier in my book. Read my review of their latest album ) will be some […], […] I read that you played on Marilyn Manson’s ‘AntiChrist […], […] I just did a list of the 60 Best Rock Covers (click here to read),  I’m only including original songs. Speaking of Billy, I always dug his Tommy James And The Shondell’s cover….but I like the live music video version instead of the radio single. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Also, whoever was the mastermind who got Lea Michele in the studio with Idina Menzel is an UTTER genius. Yes, “SAD!” broke Spotify’s record for the most streams in a day. But it’s Sinatra’s versi… Updates: Periodically; Main Audience: US, Canada & UK; Created in: 2014; This playlist accepts free submissions! or…. A little TOO well, if you ask me. 15 Best R&B Romantic Duets of All-Time. (3) keep the arrangement traditional, but amp up the energy level, exposing the song’s emotional resonance. Sad Songs By Spotify. do listen to bastille’s cover of dreams by fleetwood mac. If you want to record a song, especially if you plan to make money from it, you may need a mechanical license with the copyright holder. Walk This Way-Run DMC. Two birds, please meet this one stone. The original version of this song is gorgeous. A turbo charged version of Johnny Cash’s ode to his wife. Their cover of the Beatles Dear Prudence is also excellent. Other notable American acts include Lou Reed, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Dinosaur Jr, Moby, Social Distortion, and Violent Femmes. Plus, Blaine and Kurt's dulcet tones blend beautifully together, which makes this quasi-problematic song that much more bearable. We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. Whew, I tear up every time I think of this song. I also love how Manson’s version samples John Carpenter’s ‘Prince Of Darkness’ at the beginning so bonus points! * Trivia: Stevie Ray Vaughn plays guitar on that track. The best cover songs make you forgot the first version existed (or turn you onto it and help to expand your musical palate). But here are 60 that do. We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. This cover just really struck a chord. A dark gothic take on the soul track by Tyrone Davis. This list barely scratches the surface of sad songs—or even sad songs that got nominated by our writers. Guns’N’Roses as sung by a mental patient (well technically that could apply to Axl Rose as well). See more ideas about spotify playlist, aesthetic pictures, spotify. (4) be so bat-shit weird that you can never hear the original version the same way ever again. OK, I swear not every song on this list is a sad one, but when New Directions sang this song at Sue's sister's funeral, I truly saw it in a different light. 23. OK, I swear not every song on this list is a sad one, but when New Directions sang this song at Sue's sister's funeral, I truly saw it in a different light. And here’s the iTunes playlist for available tracks 60 through 20: Middle Aged Gen-Exer obsessed with Alternative rock, metal, cult movies, comic books and cable TV. If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. 24. This cover has both, so it's double top-tier. 24. —Ariana Yaptangco . Manson’s is still better, but it’s worth a listen. Check out the 73 best heartbreak songs, including hits from Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. A good New Order cover from a short-lived band. Speaking of Van Halen, this Kinks cover remains one of their best tunes, prefaced by Eddie’s guitar pyrotechnics on Eruption. But in the interest of diversity I don’t think Jimi Hendrix’s seminal cover of All Along The Watchtower or The Beatles Twist and Shout need any more accolades. On its own, “Sad Songs” is perfectly innocuous filler — the type of song that’s all too easy to ignore. The Beach Boys classic gets a garage fuzz makeover in this B-side rarity. Suck it Michael Buble. Updates: Periodically; Main Audience: US, Canada & UK; Created in: 2014; This playlist accepts free submissions! This song is sad enough to make people cry for hours at a time. Slayer trims the fat on this psychedelic Iron Butterfly jam from the Less Than Zero soundtrack. The late punk frontman does a wistfully rocking version of Louie Armstrong’s sentimental tune. Eleven of the Saddest Cover Songs in Music History. Let’s begin (in no particular order). I honestly didn't even realize this song was "Poker Face" until the chorus. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. A spectral take on a Tears For Fears tune. It’s a bit of departure from the band’s usual jack hammer beats and shred guitar, conjuring the more sludgy, lurching riffing from the band’s unappreciated Filth Pig album. Also, it taught us a valuable lesson about accepting ourselves in the skin we're in? Take out Spears' naive-chic, waif-voiced sound, insert Joan Wasser's alt-rock velvet voice, and we have ourselves a strong cover to love. Loudwire came up with the 40 Best Cover Songs by Rock Bands. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. The saddest song EVER is Ruth Marie by Mark Kozelek. soul-ish rendition that much. No one in rock ’n’ roll ever wrote a better story song than Chuck Berry, and this one, a plea to talk with a lost love that ends in a sad little twist, is a great one. A great Leonard Cohen cover with soulful vocals from Johnette Napolitano (both this and Jams are from the Pump Up The Volume Soundtrack). 3. Download Mp3 Sad Acoustic Guitar Songs free, also Download Sad Acoustic Guitar Songs Mp3 Free Lyrics Video in Mp4, Sad Acoustic Guitar Songs Mp3 Download Beautiful songs to break your heart... 60 songs. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-8093871243724346", enable_page_level_ads: true }); Walk This Way-Run DMC. I've listed them here, so you don't have to load another page, unless you wanna, to read their write-up. Sad Love Songs | Best Acoustic Sad Songs Playlist - YouTube Rachel's 16-second-long (yes, I counted) belt of "parade" was LITERALLY life-changing. Reporting on what you care about. So that wraps up the 60 Best Covers of All Time Part 1! I am not discounting the Billy Joel or Babs Streisand versions of this song, but something about the way Rachel and Marley's voices blend together throughout this cover sends a chill down my spine. An UPBEAT mashup, y'all. It’s a full on diatribe against our endless cycle of war in the Middle East; […]. If you're craving even more feels after checking out our sad songs playlist, be sure to peruse our lists of the 50 best break-up songs and the 50 best love songs, too. Love Breakup - Sad Songs Album has 10 songs sung by Nikhil D'Souza, Shruti Haasan, Sukhwinder Singh. I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING. From The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack. I Fought The Law-The Clash. The song that put rap-rock on the map, and gave Aerosmith a comeback. (2) strip the song structure to its basic elements to showcase the raw components that make the song compelling. Bruce Springsteen co-wrote the song with Patti Smith, a hit single from her 1978 album Easter. Better Noise Music recording artists, The Hu, debut their ‘hunnu rock’ cover of Metallica’s “Sad But True” today, along with a music video. A rare tender moment from the Texas metal icons with this ethereal Black Sabbath cover. I can tell you right now that Annie was NOT okay after hearing this dope cover. This version made me believe that this pop song is way better as a ballad. A barn-burning rendition of the Jesus and Mary Chain college rock staple. Joy Division, made dancier and less depressing. OK, I know this is a mashup, but somehow these two COMPLETELY opposite songs came together to make an even better song? And for artists that have done more than one great cover, I’ve done a few ties. I’m with you, both are great covers, although, I’m leaning more towards ‘Down In The Park’ only because BOTH versions of ‘Sweet Dreams’ have been overplayed. Hindi Songs 2020 Video | New Bollywood Songs 2019 HD (Latest Hindi Songs) We are really glad that you are here, with us! Have you heard the Foo Fighter’s cover of Numan? //
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