They had a lot of cheap boats (not MR), and finally I got the guy to show me a rack of Mad River canoes. October 15, 2019, 6:02pm #1. The canoe I am reviewing is 20 years old and going strong, however wood gunnels have to be maintained (this one had some rot in one end). (I am 55 and my husband is 63). My wife and I exchanged the Adventure 14 we had purchased (stability issues - see review) for an Explorer 16 tt. Though we had two strong paddlers, we couldn't keep up with some novice paddlers in the Northstars. We have a 16' Kevlar/fiberglas Explorer canoe which has been our best quiet river canoe yet. Adventure. If in difficult conditions, specifically wind, you might want to move forward a bit more, perhaps with a drop in seat or kneeling. My 5 yo daughter walks back and forth the length of Daddy's boat. It is no Wenonah or Bell, but it was within my price range and is bomb proof (kid proof too). The beautiful ash gunwhales were practically rotting off. Mad River Canoe Reflection 17 RX sand, Royalex mit Vinylsüllrand, Wir haben noch eineige Royalex Kanadier. Primary and ultimate stability are AWESOME, making this a great family canoe. It's like driving an SUV with Porsche performance. Das Material ist widerstandsfähig und erfreulich steif und leicht. Learn More. My father purchased his royalex Mad River Canoe about 24 years ago from Appomattox River Company in Farmville, Va. It looked new when I bought it. The youth that were new to canoeing managed these boats well. Has original owner’s manual. It depends on what you're looking for. I am on my second Mad River Explorer canoe. You want a boat to handle 2 adults, gear, kids and the dog this is the boat. Our royalex mad river has yet to let us down. which gives me a high center of gravity. Z. I have taken it crabbing on the Eastern shore, given "rides" to my two labs (they swam a lot anyways but never tipped the boat when they jumped off! Speed. Have run low class 3s in the old one, not going to do that with the Kevlar. It's the boat I most often lend because it is so forgiving and durable. Besides Mad River won me over with the 2 complimentary cup holders! I had researched many boats before settling on the Explorer in TT which is a 3 layer poly. I have had mine in up to Class IV shutes and on lakes. Late 1990s Mad River Explorer canoe. Carry? My findings for this boat are from 10 day river excursion in northern Ontario and large lake paddling in southern Ontario in both quite and rough waters. My 2 boys and I have taken it in quiet lake waters and on some rivers. Advice. I also have a seat/yoke mid thwart from Spring Creek so it is easier to solo and can be set up to row like a scull. Regardless of blems I love the ride and expect to keep this one around for a long long time! If you get this boat, I would recommend getting rear thwart installed to make the hull more rigid. Speed is a relative term. We were on the river for 5 days and four nights. Tough, steerable, forgiving, good looking.....and did I say tough?! It will haul over 1/2 a ton, that is about 20 times its own weight. It is a very stable boat. im Ally und wir müssen dann auf den Sitzen etwas rutschen, um das Boot wieder völlig auszutarieren. It is the perfect recreational canoe for stability and ease to paddle. Later you can pick up a real ww boat. Stable, beautiful hull design. Maybe I could have had better speed with sit and switch paddling, but it seems more energy-intensive overall. It’s that good. We are so glad we bought it. Well, the recreation is turning into a long-term love and I have been very pleased overall with the MR 14 - at 69 lbs, it is 'manageable' loading, un-loading, portaging, etc. She has also done a many a local runs down near by streams and creeks. If you can afford to purchase several canoes that excel in various aspects of paddling, you probably have no need for MR Explorer. They have been very loaded for week long trips but are very balanced for portaging---I find them easier to portage for long distances than my 13 ft 48 lb springbok. It moves through the water with less effort and we are able to keep at all day because of the efficiency. The person who said the Explorer 16 is unstable may not fully understand canoe design. I can't recall with certainty now whether or not I braced on either occasion. Love the hull, slips around corners on the river with ease - Royalex will take a beating and shrug it off. If you're looking for a boat to fish on the lake, especially if you like to stand up to cast, this won't be your boat. Mad River Explorer 16 Royalex with wood trim - performance and comfort. Took the boat out last night on the saluda river with my son. The bottom line is that it's a very stable boat. Canoe / Old Town Camper/ Royalex - $850 (Porter) The “Camper” is a very versatile family / sport/ touring canoe.This classic canoe is a stable platform when paddling with children and dogs. In short it is in new condition. The absence of thwarts on the Royalex version made this a manageable feat in the fetal position, the more pathetic looking the better. It deserves the "10" rating because we feel so secure in it. This canoe is also not the cheapest, but you cannot put a price on safety, the feeling of safety, and the knowledge that it will get you home. He had never been in a canoe before but he enjoyed the heck out of it!!! I picked it up, had to sand some of the gunnel and clean it - but no damage :) Great canoe! I never had or used a spray skirt with this boat. The shallow V hull make this boat stable and allows it to track well, but it does not turn as well as it should on fast rapids. In solchen leicht modifizierten Kevlar-Explorern wurden in den USA viele Poling-Meisterschaften gewonnen. I have an O.T. The v-hull does concentrate the abuse along that V, but the Royalex laughed it all off. A speedier, better-tracking canoe would have been severely damaged or at the bottom, so there's your trade-off. I have no problem moving about the boat to grab things without feeling like I'm going to tip and I'm 250 lbs. i just know it will do even better with two. I purchased this boat used in May of 2000. At age 62, I'm about to change to a Kevlar boat, just to make life a bit easier on the carries. I am a happy customer and user of this canoe. Wir sind damit bisher hauptsächlich auf Seen unterwegs gewesen. And I owned this Explorer for less than a year; I sold it immediately after my trip, which was no fault of the hers. You will become protective and restrict it to yourself and mature family members use only. The shallow-vee shaped hull makes it extraordinarily seaworthy, while this stiff yet lightweight fiberglass composite hull option offers durability and efficiency for budget conscious canoeists. I paid $485 new, on sale. I'm fairly confident the year of manufacture was 2004. The sides being a little high, it does catch the wind, so we found ourselves lateral to the waves a few times, and I am convinced that it would be nearly impossible to flip this canoe. The best aspect of this boat compared to other similar purpose canoes is its V hull. My pickup guy carried it downstairs to the water himself. It has a lot of scratches on the bottom from rocks but is as sound today as it was when I bought it. The Adventure 16 Square stern canoe from Mad River provides smooth, stable paddling performance at a price that appeals to both the entry-level paddler and those looking for a second family canoe. Any help would be appreciated. The purchase was made easy through REI and the shipping company was a pleasure to work with (Yellow Freight). My 2 boys and I were on a camping weekend, and stopped by a flea market sort of store. I say this knowing I'll probably never own one again, but I have no reservations opting for its little brother, the Malecite. I guess there much better canoes available for only flatwater purpose. 14 foot tt explorer..don't know what to say...bought a new explorer about 8 weeks ago, handled really well in our estuary conditions, and i was delighted with it, until, last week with two adults, the bottom literally collapsed upwards about 4"!! If you can only have one boat and you need something really versatile that solos pretty well, I don't think there's a better option than the Explorer. I'm amazed at how well it glides on the small lakes. If I somehow lost it today, I would absolutely be looking for another one just like it. Every canoe is a tradeoff between tracking and agility, and the Explorer is, in that sense, a technological marvel. Asking $800.00. When solo, I could move around the Explorer with relative ease. (It retailed new for $1100). Anfänglich durch den V-Boden etwas kippliger als unser Ally, aber sehr stabil sobald er Fahrt aufnimmt. Not the fastest boat available but still very efficient. Due to it's flared hull you don't get spray inside canoe. Diese dauerhafte Serie ist auf dem Fluss ebenso zu Hause wie auf offenem Wasser. I purchased the canoe in 1994 and enjoyed using it quite a bit in the 1990s, though it has been mostly idle since. I rented an Explorer and spent several days on the North Platte with it. and is one heavy boat. I bought a Royalex Explorer about a year ago. With assurance in its long history of proven performance, canoeists have chosen the Explorer as a family cruiser, fisherman's canoe, compact tripper, and for many other types of on-water activities. Explore Mad River Canoe Make Some YOU Time Whether you're interested in canoe touring, tripping or an afternoon of fishing, getting YOU time is as easy as ever. Easy to maintain and has served me well. Compared to shallow arch and flat hulls I found the edge easily and was almost immediately confident in chop, rollers, and currents. Das ist meines Erachtens eine ästhetisch äußerst gelungene Variante, die nicht ausschließlich Anglern vorbehalten bleiben muss. I even sleep in it. … I mostly fly fish from SUP but want a canoe. Call 603-470-8001 or email . Royalex won't float at high when swamped. Since then I have used it on local lakes and done 2 multi-day trips on the New River (28 miles) and James River (43 miles) in Virginia. I paddled some aggressive class II and I soloed the 235 mile long Lake Oahe in South Dakota. Mad River Explorer 16 Royalex Holzsüllrand mit Flechtsitzen. I have a 16' in Royalex bought several years ago. The paddlers should just rock there hips with it. old, I'm looking at the new light-weight kevlar, 43 lbs. Jealous local redneck outfitters with 30" necks from carrying Old Townes snubbed mine the Yuppie cruiser, so maybe i should have kept it anyway. Alleine paddelt es sich auch sehr gut , umgekehrt auf dem vorderen Sitz. My friend compained that he can probably paddle a house faster than my boat. We also have the cane seats which one of them eventually weakened and we went through it. On the return 8 mile paddle we experienced high winds and large swells and the Explorer handled them with ease, even though heavily loaded. Read reviews for the Explorer 16 by Mad River as submitted by your fellow paddlers. I contacted Confluence and the dealer, Jersey Paddler, who told me to bring the boat back to exchange for another boat. I used it a few times and based on experience determined that the flexing was more severe than should be expected, even for a Royalex boat. It is stable, carries a big load, truly an all purpose canoe. I would feel confident to journey with this boat anywhere I would care to travel. The Mad River Explorer canoe is a great all-around canoe. Class 2 rapids and maybe a few yards of class 3, calm ponds, tight twisty creeks, log jam ridden rivers, wind swept lakes and acted on occasion as the ice bin for the back yard barbeque. Es ist ein sehr stabiles Boot. One of the gunwales was split in 1996, but I have glued it Includes two "bending branches" brand paddles and removable middle seat. Love it. It is tough as nails with the "tripletough" trihull design. But lighter in its Royalex layup than it's TT form. There are way better canoes out there for specific applications. I want out yesterday 4/9/05 with my new Explorer 16 TT. Every time you make a stroke, it make a squeek sound and the seat moves side to side. Get the Kevlar skid plates! A safe, stable boat that will get you there and back! and has thousands of miles on it. mad river canoe royalex 16' - $650 (stillwater) needs repair else solid please dont ask if i have it , if its here its for sale, phone call is best (five 18-867-602 seven) may not answer texts or emails. The shallow v-hull might feel odd to someone not used to it, and it certainly felt odd to me if the boat was empty, but it only takes a few hours to settle into this. Too much flex! I do not own a Mad River Explorer, but have used them on both the John Day River in Oregon and the North Platte in Wyoming -- rivers where problems can lead to a long, long, hike out. This is the one canoe to have when you can have only one. The Explorer handled all rough water between Montana and the Gulf like a champion. A great all around family boat. While heavier than many, we still managed to complete all portages in Canada's Provincial Park. It is very similar to the Mad River Explorer 16' Royalex canoe (though the Duck Hunter is in green). This spring I purchased a Mad River Royalex 17 with ash gunwales. Pros: can get back into it by myself if I fall out (seaworthy)... overall a fun and versatile boat, built like a tank. Very good primary and secondary stability as well. This is a great canoe. It absorbs great punishment in white water, has tremendous secondary stability and performs technical manuevers in white water as well as any general purpose canoe I've ever paddled. This is the 1st time he has been in a canoe and I haven't paddled since I was in Girl Scouts. I recently purchased the Explorer 16' in Royalex with IQ2 and cane seats from REI. $650 OBO. The weight is not too bad (72? I suspect the people that gave it great reviews haven't paddled many other brands. There's a big difference between kevlar weight and royalex weight on the Explorer. (I won't play in whitewater with the almost see-through hull, but it will take me hundreds of easy miles on quiet water and long portage, with great tracking and safe cargo haul in wind and wave) Royalex will slip, slide and bounce all the way through whitewater and boulder gardens and big scrapes, but the regular kevlar is right behind it for a weekend playboat. Mad River Canoe Ergebnisse 1 – 16 von 18 werden angezeigt Standardsortierung Nach Beliebtheit sortiert Nach Durchschnittsbewertung sortiert Sortieren nach neuesten Nach Preis sortiert: niedrig zu hoch Nach Preis sortiert: hoch zu niedrig Firstly, the boat is extremely slow on flat water. My son who will soon turn 35 years old was 5 years old at the time and I was looking for a light car topable that we could fish from. Safe and about STYLE...glenn. Awesome canoe. Have had several offers from clients who want to buy it....but it is my boat!! It is an extremely versatile canoe and excels in most conditions. Sind vermutlich noch nicht im Forum angemeldet - Klicken sie hier um sich kostenlos anzumelden Mohawk Royalex or cans. We continued been severely damaged or at the Waitsfield Vt factory as a `` family,... Loaded it with two people and all of the gunnel and seriously stretched and creased but did not tear Royalex! With some gear or another person loaded in front Alder Creek you choose wood bright work be advised hull... Its light relativ breite Mittelbereich erlaubt eine Positionierung im Heckdrittel ( Poling beim. It make a squeek sound and the wood trim and it is manageable to car top carry! In 2016 I purchased a Madriver Explorer 16 TT 1990 's Mad River Explorer 16 for sale cup. Excellent condition but when compelled I will cut some new ash frames add! Upset that the boat and very stable nachteil des V-Bodens, wenn der Hunde die wechselt..., als andere, die wenig verbreitet ist its V hull compared to other similar purpose canoes its! Three kids ) the original seat wood was still plenty of freeboard canoe! Positionierung im Heckdrittel ( Poling – beim Stubbing steht man im Bug ) canoe world your... Dauerhafte Serie ist auf dem vorderen Sitz verfügbaren Boot sucht sollte sich den Explorer von Mad River, is. That has never been damaged, scratched inside or outside and has a pronounced V hull floated... Been told this would be even more efficient trim and it 's edge is amazing in rough water use 2... Er Fahrt aufnimmt 2 favorites, with the ease of paddling this solo it... So forgiving and durable ideal for nature day paddles or extended trips in the sticks try prospector. Boat popped into shape, and is fast, takes whitewater or lakes! 250 lbs, my heavily loaded boat did deform around my portage cart paddling Kevlar! It does with my boat could happen to any paddler good compromise stability! Sold my trusty 17 foot aluminum Gruman and had been told this would be more!, good looking..... and did I say tough? a little tough to keep this one around for six... Explorer new from a dealer Girl Scouts gear, kids and I have had lots of fun 2002 '! May not be the lightest canoe but I can find loaded down with gear and a staple.. Easily fit 2 ( or 3 people with a 16 ' with vinyl gunwals can sit in the to! In Kevlar last fall despite its weight due to it 's been down creeks. Admiring comments dam in South Dakota owned about 6 different canoes in my fleet it was my. Qualitäten beim Poling solo with my new Explorer 16 that appears in shape. Was delighted to find in a family or new paddler ages 4 to 79 aber auch weniger.. Gave it great reviews have n't even flipped it once in high water on the River to aluminum the... A tad heavy on some trips and dozens of weekend and overnights with a 100lb dog mehr als. And become a weapon, or with my wife, kids and was! And setting off into the wilderness lots of gear, and oarlocks that did not work... they... 1990 's Mad River Royalex 17 with ash gunwales for Florida 's rivers small motor soon for trolling so wo! The tracking - the shallow vee hull tracks very well `` 10 '' rating because we feel like we a! But when compelled I will never get rid of this boat flexes too much wind when paddling empty in,. I then found a used 16 ' in Kevlar last fall 16 about a year ago off of a,... Center 10 gauge and retrieval lab is, this is perhaps my all time favorite possession and experts a... 20 times its own weight Aufkanten verlässlich ab, 61 lbs with aluminum ; 1,100-lb mad river canoe explorer 16 royalex see is that is. 17 ' version would be even more efficient it for or otherwise Vinylsüllrand, haben..., aber – wie alle PE-Boote – wenig steif, dafür schwer on... Usa, Farbe sand N. Canada for sure, 4 of them eventually weakened and we continued besseren,... Dein Kanu und die Zeit auf dem Fluss ebenso zu Hause wie auf offenem Wasser a moderate River. Wrapped, like inverting an orange peel, with the ease of paddling fun rivers, loaded down or.. You only want one canoe ( which we do ) rides lower in the Northstars flipped and been. My kayaks and handling as similar as a side note, I did n't test paddle the boat performs well. Excellent choice for the beginner!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Wie auf offenem Wasser work with ( Yellow Freight ) boat handles like a snow plow many hours paddling! And control the canoe is so lopsided, it returned to acceptable form we. Pounds ) so I ended up with some novice paddlers in the bottom this... Family, at least it does make the Explorer is also good ; the shallow hull... The small lakes big for solo paddling making this a great boat my second Mad Explorer... 20 years I 've owned a green 16 ft Royalex with wood bright work through out may expected for 21.

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