Once buyer submits a Delayed Occupancy Form ( can be obtained by calling TARION), they may be able to claim up to $100 per day in living expenses (such as temporary accommodation costs), plus other direct costs caused by the delay (such as extra moving and storage costs – receipts are required for these costs), up to a maximum of $5,000. Amit helped us out with out first home. December 16, 2014 Delayed Occupancy February 5, 2015: This is now a delay of a “firm” (not tentative) closing date. Real Estate Contracts: What if I Can't Close by the Date on the Contract?. During this period you must pay the builder an Occupancy Fee. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient with me throughout the entire. “By the time a builder throws a grand opening for the general public, often 50% of the units have already been sold and the price has gone up three or four times,” explains Wynter. 1. Dear Cameron: Delays can be extremely frustrating, especially when they occur multiple times during the same project. I use County public records to see how many closings have been recorded. These builder closing costs can easily amount to 1-3% of the original purchase price (and there’s talk of the development fees doubling in Toronto in the near future). Homeowners must submit the delayed occupancy claim according to the service rules that are described in the Delayed Closing / Occupancy of the Homeowner Information Package. He understood our requirements and guided us at each. Amit and his TEAM is always available for your queries with a welcoming smile and his expert advise will help you build your assets overtime. [CDATA[// >