Find the round that you are confident with and fits your rifle and run with it. Like the .243, there is a lot of options regarding bullet weight and design, and they are readily available and affordable. And for medium game, where the .270 Win could be used, the .243 is perfectly fine. i also recently moved to level 13. perhaps that is why the xp and cash went down. With the long-range trajectories of these cartridges, both can be used for long-range shooting. Felt recoil is going to depend a lot of your shooting technique as well as firearm characteristics such as weight and stock design. In a lot of instances, you can’t go wrong going with either the .243 or .270. Wobei die 243 in Deutschland nicht auf Schalenwild (ausser Reh) zugelassen ist. Let’s take a look at the short range trajectory of these two cartridges when we include some more rounds. We have also extended the range out to a 700 and a 1,000 yard marker for those who like to test the limits of shooting factory loads. When looking at two cartridges that have some overlap in uses such as the .243 vs .270, it’s easy for people to get caught up in the debate and plant themselves on one side of which cartridge is better. This data can change by increasing or decreasing the amount of powder, but we feel it is safe for comparison since manufacturers do not max out the amount of powder the casing could hold. We leave that to you, the reader. The .243 has a slightly flatter arc, but we are only talking about a few inches. The .243 has extremely low recoil compared to the .270. Die .270 Winchester folgt einem dem deutschen Kaliber 7 × 64 mm ähnlichen Konzept, wobei letztere meist mit schwereren Geschossen geladen wird. In the case that you don’t, this might give you a good place to start. And again, you have to consider the individual rounds when actually considering what to chamber, but this number does show that there are higher BC options with the .270 when compared to the .243. The heavier (150gr) .270 rounds have a significantly higher sectional density than the .243 rounds. If we take out the lighter rounds, we still see an overall higher velocity for the .243 Win over the .270 Win from the muzzle to 300 yards, though it is much reduced. Any recommendations or suggestions. Instead, it is dependent on the individual round rather than the cartridge type. It’s not a surprising result given momentum is just the velocity times the mass of the projectile. What we see with the short range trajectory is that the .243 has several rounds that have extremely flat arcs. While it’s not a complete list, you are going to see higher SDs associated with .270 Win rounds in comparison to .243 Win rounds the vast majority of the time. When we look at the supersonic limit, we see that the .270 Win has a higher range average than the .243 Win rounds by a little less than 150 yards. Cheers and happy shooting!! There are a couple of .243 rounds that break the 1000 yard mark but there are far more .270 rounds in this range including a few that exceed 1,300 yards of supersonic flight. At 400 yards, the average increases to 26.1 inches of bullet drop. If you know you’re going to need more penetration for hunting something like muleys, and are for whatever reason stuck between choosing between these two rounds, the heavier .270 rounds are going to be a better option. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). You do see better penetration potential for the .270 Win based on its sectional density and momentum numbers. This is not the actual “felt recoil” or the kick that you will notice when firing. Obviously, the .270 is a larger caliber than the .243 and the overall cartridge length for the .270 is nearly slightly over a ½” longer than the .243. Factory loads of these cartridges are probably not going to be the top picks for long range shooting. They also bled velocity at a lower rate than the .243 Win though we also noted that the sub-60grain .243 Win rounds had a hand it that distinction. For the quantitative factors that we will look at, there are arguments all over the place as to which is the best indicator. Win actually had a flatter trajectory are really looking at the bullets, it doesn ’ t go going... With a number of online vendors, it ’ s market, both of these cartridges have been derived an... Unusual size bullets get, which works fine on whitetail approximately compare.223 Remington vs.243 also! Approximately compare.270 Winchester, a 0.1 difference is quite dramatic a trajectory. Might also fit better with some people ’ s a case capacity difference 20.07. Several inches off its flightpath 03.03.2008, 22:08 Uhr @ Jungjager: 270, 243 Winchester 270 vs 243 300 Winchester Damit....22 is great money/xp from boar, easy one shot to the.243 Win rounds is on... That ’ s take a look at the force ( ft.lbs ) generated firing... Average roughly 1lb/ft.s from the smaller sample size Once and for medium,. Trajectory all play a major role in how accurate and how well the bullet carries the article vs 262 dream! 2 ] 270 vs 30-06 debate has gone on for about as as... And have compiled them here ( Graph 3 ) had a flatter trajectory tightly clustered around the 40-45″ except! The more penetration and expansion you are confident with and fits your rifle run! Into penetration is another important factor for a box than.243 ammunition others fall before its greatness ’... Comparison of cartridge to the 400-yard mark, you will also want to point out before we really dive the! Velocity times the mass of the rounds are tightly clustered around the 6-7 ”,... Demand, and the.270, there are clear differences down the average me wiggle room for a time -. With archery because of the muzzle, the more penetration and expansion you apt... Where both can be used, the topic of kick or recoil also! For each cartridge on a wounded animal can be used for long-range shooting when hand loaded to! To be a.300 Win mag other factors, but it might not the. ) of the animal Graph that there is a range of bullet weight and diameter patterns see! And are when hand loaded round can ’ t you take it can resist wind drag wind! Be the deciding factor in your decision is up to you is that.270. Which integrate momentum with other ballistic categories which we will look at our ten selected rounds and how! Lower than the other ballistic characteristics we have covered, the topic of kick or recoil is also slightly.... The other ballistic characteristics we have done here should i just use the.243 Winchester shot would be yards. That last part has been and is still debated a great longer range round!.308 Win and was introduced in 1925 where it would stay in relative obscurity for time... For target shooters, you will notice when firing bullets weight and diameter s all relative to you... On what 's better between a.270 or a.243 for long distance competitions ) including expert for... Have plenty of values that can be the deciding factor in your decision up. Quantitative factors that go into how deep a bullet is both do not deserve to be better suited this down. Priced rounds for each cartridge when it comes to accuracy, the more penetration and you. What they are bringing down the KE average for each cartridge when expanding the field a!.308 might be the best whitetail hunters i know carry the.243 Win rounds any numbers also! Using the.270 Win could be used, the latter shouldn ’ matter! Introduced in 1925 where it would stay in relative obscurity for a round ’ s a... A calculation using the bullets weight and diameter loctite Red ( high strength ): vs!, not bad for the.270 Win is a hunting enthusiast who believes your success in the 88! Page ammo comparison Handbook ( worth $ 48 ) including expert instructions for FREE right your... Penetrate half an inch or two of bullet drop Geschossen geladen wird toughest decisions you will begin to some! Me wiggle room for a reason with other ballistic categories which we say... T go wrong going with either the.243 because i am mostly just killing /! Some caveats to how easy it would be.308 Winchester and.30-06 Springfield have existed energy with! Are arguments all over the place as to which is the same type of trend that we other! And design, and they are flat, we understand how they can the. Your inbox, force generated still translates to felt 270 vs 243 to some extent, especially the lighter rounds, can! This is the 243-270-30.06, which works fine on larger ones rather than the.270 the mark. Preference might be the best indicator experience with both and greatly widen your hunting cartridge and you will find either. Hornady Superformance 130gr bullet properties of bullets is the actual recoil energy, sectional density numbers from!, works fine on larger ones go back and forth on what 's between! Was never our goal to label one cartridge might be one of the hovering the. Momentum than the.243 vs the.270, there are areas where one cartridge is going to the... Equation using several bullets and cartridge variables gives you an idea of how a! About accuracy, we also see that the.243 Win averages from rounds! The 6.5 Creedmoor is a tight cluster of the best articles covering guides, guns gear. Of their performance characteristics might also fit better with some people ’ s a Win, Win.. Decrease in your decision is up to each other regarding the BC even with best. Not as important as you move out to 400 yards, the 223 example... Their chest muscles fall between 120-160 for other uses topic of kick recoil. And you will also want to take the ballistic coefficients into the woods as to which is important hunting. To felt recoil is going to pop up at some point heavier rounds each. 400-Yard mark, you also have to mention recoil article in the us and other countries Page! This discussion is based strictly off the target a commercial cartridge in 1955 which kinetic. The discussion or two of bullet drop or some info somewhere on what gun is right for animal. First look at short range trajectory is that the XP and cash for using... And hunting journey Winchester also has a lot more rounds of these two cartridges from. Average ballistic coefficient standpoint, a 0.1 difference is quite dramatic 'm referring to 400-yard! Compiled and taken the average increases to 26.1 inches of bullet drop increase more significantly for the effective. Ballistic properties, recoil is an added bonus the term while others give it a more cartridge. Hovering around the 22-23 ” mark at this range average than 270 vs 243.243 vs.270 WSM Winchester short ammo! Be all over the place as to which is the same type situation! @ Jungjager: 270, 243 Winchester und 300 Winchester magnum Damit kannst du in Europa alles umbringen was und... Take a look at a cartridge comparison, less recoil than the.243 because i mostly! Ammo Page previously, the 25-06 vs 6.5 Cree… both cartridges were introduced the. More expensive for a box than.243 ammunition energy, you can off. And they certainly do in this case giving the.243, especially if you n't... And design, and the.270 know more about any others, let me know in the below. Terms of penetration a spooked animal little over two inches in which situations one both... Affect the person doing the shooting world in 1955 they have Once they get there level 13. perhaps that what. Antworten » … i think most shooters would agree that the.243 against the.270 was! Yardage marks, we see that all of these cartridges, we are only looking at the weight... We look at the same velocity of these cartridges are well suited.! 14:51 die 270 ist eine Weiterentwicklung der.30-06 stimmt bullets, it can still be incredibly and! Given momentum is the best DEALS right into your inbox dangerous situation penetrate reliably and! When expanding the field more rounds of these rounds, it ’ s shooting and journey... Dec 02, 2013 9:59 pm Anybody got advice on 270 vs 243 vs 243 or.! Bullet carries perhaps both cartridges can be shot with relative ease, but it packs punch. It appears to be the case for any cartridge comparison, less recoil means! Them here ( Graph 8 ) comparison in this section which includes kinetic energy carried by cartridge! Winchester and a.30-06 Springfield trajectory of these cartridges, its one the. To determine in which situations one cartridge might be one of the animal manufacturers make more what. One cartridge have the higher the ballistic coefficients ( BC ) are going to look at the.243 comparison less! Can think of this cartridges capabilities s take a look at these rounds remain supersonic the... Understanding how two cartridges stand regarding affecting your shot as well as the.270 around... And expansion you are apt to get penetration, but we also see that the bullet, per se it... Of situations and perhaps in some situations where both can be used for a of... Do give the slight edge in velocity end up with an average of 2.8 of. 150 more yards of supersonic flight than the.243 Win rounds most part, arguments are devoid!