– May 30, 2019 – Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) has announced that the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle will be available for purchase by fleet operators at 12 Vancouver area Toyota dealerships beginning in July. Toyota is targeting a 10-fold increase in global Mirai sales with the second-gen model. 2021 Toyota Mirai aims for 400-mile range: More details on sporty hydrogen fuel-cell sedan. Toyota Mirai review From £66,000 8 Toyota claims another first: Europe’s first ‘ownable’ hydrogen car, whether the infrastructure to properly support it is ready for it or not 2021 Toyota Mirai starts at $50,455 and has 402-mile range. Toyota wants the Mirai to do for fuel cell vehicles what the Prius did for hybrids. New Toyota Mirai meaner, greener with estimated range of 528 miles. 2021 Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell Car Has 400-Mile Range Hydrogen Done Homely: Toyota Mirai Driven The 2021 Mirai starts at $50,455—some $9090 cheaper than its predecessor—and rides on Toyota… Learn how hydrogen fuel cell technology works, and how we put this innovative alternative fuel to use in the all new 2016 Toyota Mirai. Starting from there, 30 additional percentage points translate to a driving range of 650 kilometers for the Gen 2 Mirai. We also ensured it’s a pleasure to drive, with all the convenience of a conventional vehicle. One week ago, Toyota announced the prices for its all-new fuel cell-powered 2021 Mirai sedan on the Japanese market, and it wasn't exactly good news. Fuel-cell stack, electric motor, lithium-ion battery Actual mileage will vary. View Gallery 13. photos. Reuters. Range measurement pursuant to SAE J2601 standards (ambient temperature: 20°C; hydrogen tank pressure when fueled: 70 MPa). 4-door sedan. TOKYO – The redesigned Mirai fuel cell vehicle not only looks a lot better, it delivers better range, performance, efficiency and cost, emboldening Toyota to ramp-up production capacity. Both the Toyota Mirai and Tesla Model 3 benefit from strong driving dynamics, plenty of range, and inviting interiors. Toyota's second-generation Mirai has a 400-mile range Toyota is one of a few companies trying to turn hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) into a viable option. Edmunds also has Toyota Mirai pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, consumer reviews and more. Now, for 2021, Toyota has fully rebooted the Mirai as a premium rear-wheel drive sports-luxury FCEV with striking design, cutting-edge technology, more engaging driving performance and a significantly longer EPA-estimated range rating. Toyota’s new fuel cell stack and fuel cell power converter … The XLE has an EPA-estimated range of 402 miles, a 30 percent improvement over the outgoing version. That’s 404 miles in one go, and … … When the second-gen Mirai was unveiled more than a year ago, Toyota said it was targeting a 30-percent increase in range. Under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cycle, the 2016 model year Mirai has a total range of 502 km (312 mi) on a full tank, with a combined city/highway fuel economy rating of 66 mpg ‑US (3.6 L/100 km; 79 mpg ‑imp) equivalent (MPG-equivalent), making the Mirai the most fuel-efficient hydrogen fuel cell vehicle rated by the EPA, and the one with the longest range. However, they appeal to very different buyers. VANCOUVER, B.C. Toyota Motor Corp. launched on Wednesday its second-generation Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), touting its improved fuel efficiency and longer range … You can see the significance of Toyota's claim of 30% better driving range for the new Mirai — if that holds true, the Mirai will be the new leader in the class, jumping from 300 miles to 390 or so. If you drive sensibly, the new Mirai’s quoted range is around 650km, or 403 miles -- enough to cover the distance between Tokyo and Osaka. Safety has always been our number one priority, that’s why we tested both the fuel cell system and tank extensively. Research the 2020 Toyota Mirai with our expert reviews and ratings. The all-new Toyota Mirai is now underpinned by the GA-L platform also employed for the Lexus LS sedan. Announcing the Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle, a turning point in automotive history. Actual mileage will vary. Adding to this appeal, the new Mirai will have a lower price tag, reduced by around 20%, which would bring the £66k price down to around £53,000. The 2021 Toyota Mirai Limited has a range of 357 miles. Hans Greimel. May 30, 2019 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle for Sale in B.C. A … Starting in July. Fueling time varies with hydrogen fueling pressure and ambient temperature. If you drive sensibly, the new Mirai’s quoted range is around 650km, or 403 miles -- enough to cover the distance between Tokyo and Osaka. Bengt Halvorson January 29, 2020 Comment Now! The 2021 Toyota Mirai is a stunner and a vast improvement over the last generation. The 2021 Mirai is built on Toyota's GA-L modular platform for luxury rear-wheel-drive cars. At the hydrogen station, expect it to take about five minutes to refuel your Mirai. The EPA range of the 2020 Toyota Mirai is 312 miles, and it takes about five minutes to refuel the car with hydrogen. Toyota Mirai. During the early stages of the Mirai's introduction, there was limited supply capacity, and customers made various requests including a larger seating capacity and longer cruising range. The Mirai has a range in excess of 300 miles and can be refilled with hydrogen in about the time it takes to refuel a gasoline-powered car. And it’s due to this lower pricing, improved looks and higher performance and range that Toyota is targeting a 10-fold increase in sales. The svelte sedan , which went on sale Wednesday in Japan and hits North American showrooms this month and Europe next spring, bests the frumpy-looking first-generation Mirai in virtually every category. 2018 EPA-estimated 67 city/67 highway/67 combined MPGe for Mirai and 312-mile driving range. Above: Comparing Toyota's FCV Mirai with Tesla's BEV (RWD) Long Range Model 3 (Source: Paul Martin) “The Mirai and the Model 3 are similar cars … While being significantly cheaper than the prior model, the new Mirai has a 30 percent increase in range, going up to 402 miles on a full tank of hydrogen on … The 2016-2020 Mirai was the first production fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) offered for sale to retail customers in North America. A driving range improvement of 30 percent allowed stronger, multi-layer tanks that are highly weight-efficient. NEWPORT COAST, Calif. (December 16, 2020) – Beauty, technology and a hint of the future come together in Toyota’s new flagship sedan, the all-new 2021 Mirai. For instance, the Mirai is now an RWD sedan with coupe-like proportions and a 50:50 weight distribution, as this led to a new layout for the fuel cell system and powertrain Doing so allowed Toyota to implement several changes that make the Mirai a better version of the future. The All-New Mirai is everything you love about Toyota, plus everything you didn’t know was possible in a road car. The 2016-2020 Mirai was the first production fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) offered for sale to retail customers in North America.