Have a great solo trip! The heavier your backpack, the more susceptible you become to slips, falls, twists, sprains, and breaks on the trail. The soles are beefy like a pair of hiking boots and they’re extremely comfortable once you break them in. Mine were the same tiny size in pink (my attempt at making them seem as harmless as possible). I researched, made an extensive list, and borrowed gear … In 45 minutes I can be in the mountains, and 20 minutes to the sea. I’ve counted ounces, scoured over reviews, and slowly pieced together my dream kit. Overall, if you're a solo ultralight backpacker looking for a few creature … Two people can fit in a 2 person tent. Trekking poles are a tough one too. One of the beauties of group hiking after all, is that you get to distribute the weight amongst all the participants. Thanks for stopping by Adventure Colorad! Where do you live over there? I want to get better at solo hiking and hiking in general (doing longer backpacking trips and the like). Each item on this list links to my complete review of it, where you can get more details and find links to online retailers for purchasing it; in a few cases, those links are to a multi-product review, like “22 Essential Backpacking Gear … Report back to me after your hike! Miscellaneous Items 7. sean crawford from los angeles on April 18, 2013: Hello fellow hubber, I am a fan of solo hiking. Worn clothing and items that will be carried outside of your backpack (like watches, sunglasses, trekking poles, etc.) For Thoreau, to truly walk is to give yourself over completely to nature. Thanks a lot for the detailed answer! These scissors are sharp, durable, and minimalist. I'm doing some hiking later this fall of the LSHT but it has full cell service, which is important to us old ..er farts. I regularly use mine as a headband, neck gaiter, and face-covering during my hikes, though its versatile enough to be worn more than a dozen different ways. Hi Noel, just starting to make my own plan for hiking the O. BACKPACKING PACKS & DAYPACKS Best All-Around Backpack: Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest … But my own experience of being a solo backpacker in Europe, Asia and Australia, has provided some of most exciting and liberating experiences.A sense of freedom and exploring the unknown, provides you with a feeling of embracing opportunity and growth. Also, I don't mind lack of company, although I am quite a social person when not hiking. I bought these mostly because they were so light, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by their performance in cold temperatures. His book was Blind Courage. This will help me greatly. I hadn’t been able to find an answer like that on any other site, especially one specific to Montbell so I really appreciate it, as well as all the other great info I’ve been able to find on this site . Many backpackers hesitate at buying ultralight gear, believing that packing less will diminish their experience on the trail. The XA Pro 3D V8s were comfortable and breathable from day one and made the rest of my hike enjoyable and pain-free. Great great information for solo backpacking. That’s a no-brainer. The focus is on backpacking gear required for safe … I’m going up to the mountains in 2 weeks so I’ll pick it up before then. Ultralight backpacking is the minimalist practice of packing as light as possible while remaining safe and comfortable on the trail. It’s all part of the fun. I really do LOVE the luxury of camp shoes, but in the spirit of hiking ultralight, I have to leave them behind. It’s amazing how some backpacking gear myths persist, even when there’s ample evidence to the contrary. As one of the best solo backpacking tents, the Elixir 1 Backpacking Tent is a perfect choice for a tent that is designed to … This practice of being “stupid light” is foolish and can put hikers in danger. I recently switched to the Montbell Versalite from the ultra-popular and affordable Frogg Toggs ultralight rain jacket. When nights are especially cold, I wear it to bed instead of a thermal top. A quality sleeping bag is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make, but it can last for many years if treated well. At BACKPACKER, we take our responsibility to provide readers with fair and accurate gear advice seriously. It wicks moisture away extraordinarily well and fits me like a dream. So, I swapped it out for this incredibly lightweight and compact pair of micro shears and shaved almost a a full ounce in the process. Cheers. My current ultralight backpacking setup is worth around $2,500 brand new, which is no small price to pay. You’re very welcome! I trek into the wilderness, geek out about gear, and travel with the least amount of baggage as I can. Usually I have to save the wilderness stuff for the weekend. They distribute weight away from my injury-prone knees as I hike up and down steep elevation changes and also act as tent poles to keep my Zpacks Triplex standing strong and upright. Worn/Carried Items 9. Because the Smartwater bottle is more durable, easier to slide in an out of my pack, and doesn’t collapse when I’m filtering water. A Yosemite backpacking guide shares his picks for the best backpacking gear to fill your pack in 2019. Though it is nearly impossible to find a person that shares your pace and your goals, and sometimes it is hard finding anyone at all. Perhaps the best feature is the "check in" feature which sends a signal to people watching your progress back home letting them know you are okay and where you are. Night time was terrifying i will admit. The base weight of my 2020 ultralight backpacking gear … My current setup for this trip, in my opinion, can handle overnight temperatures down to 15 degrees. Its long handle measures about 8.5 inches, which makes it easy to scoop food from the bottom of freeze-dried meal pouches without dipping your hand into the bag. The clear choice for hikers looking for the lightest … As far as your question, I’ve gone over it in my head multiple frequently, and I still don’t have a straight answer! They decided to take a nap from being too stoned. If you need help just blow your whistle three times every few minutes. That’s why, with a few exceptions, it’s not practical to simply repurpose car camping gear. I never realized how important a good pair of hiking socks was until I geeked out while wearing my first pair of these. LighterPack is a great place for backpackers to keep track of, analyze, and compare their gear lists. Thanks again for the info! Here are some helpful books, websites, and tools that have been invaluable along my journey as an ultralight backpacker. Plus the cool thing about going solo, is that you get major bragging rights! I'm a minimalist traveler and ultralight backpacker. Haydee Anderson from Hermosa Beach on May 29, 2012: Nice hub! Here are some benefits that suggest that quite the opposite is actually true. HA! The REI Quarter Dome SL 2 backpacking tent is a great lightweight option, especially for the price. Just another reason I need to visit. I want to know which kind of location will be better to start my journey as a hiker. The Sawyer Squeeze has cemented itself on countless ultralight backpacking gear lists. Plus you get amazing views up in the hills. They’re made from durable aluminum, have polarized lenses, and offer wide peripheral vision. Lightweight backpacking gear can perform just as well, if not better, than heavier traditional gear, so there’s no added risk if you pack for your trip appropriately. Take care. 6. Not suitable for this trek. I might just take my Allbirds shoes, lightweight, comfy, will be enough for the travel and as camping shoes.. Glad to see another solo hiking enthusiast. iguidenetwork from Austin, TX on May 05, 2013: I really enjoyed your article. Jason Licerio from Philippines on May 05, 2013: Andrew Spacey from Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,UK on May 04, 2013: I really enjoyed this article. It’s far more breathable and stylish than my old lid, and can be jammed into the confines of my pack without damaging its no-structure bill. is a great way to lower your base weight by sacrificing some comfort and convenience. Trekking poles are an essential part of my gear list. GEERTOP 1-Person Bivy Solo Tent. Your article addresses the need to plan according to the environment you anticipate. Like my 10-day solo backpacking trip on Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail. It allows to center themselves. Yeah, Japanese gear companies tend to make great gear with incredible attention to detail (like Montbell). A streamlined ultralight setup will ease the discomfort of traditional backpacking, lessen your aches and pains, and put your mind off of your body and back onto your surroundings. Because backpacking is just better with quality ultralight gear. They’re incredibly affordable — only $13 — so if I break or lose them, I won’t lose any sleep. Not something you can just do after buying a pack and a tent. I enjoyed your article. Makes me so happy to know that it’s helping people like you. By day, I use this pillowcase to hold my clothing and, when bedtime rolls around, I stuff my Plasma 1000 down jacket inside to create a super-comfortable and warm pillow. Required fields are marked *. In most backpacking gear lists, the heaviest items are as follows: By minimizing the weight on these four specific items, you can trim not only ounces but pounds off of your traditional backpacking setup. My trusty Buff has loads of practical functions on the trail, and will forever be a part of my backpacking kit. It’s maddeningly slow. This dream list has options for any type of trail treader. It seems to be right up my alley! You definitely don’t need a water filter along the ‘O’ Circuit, but I brought mine along anyways. It is sadly one of those books that I lent to someone and don't remember who. I have never and probably will never attempt the wilderness all on my own. . Thanks for stopping by. I’m doing the O Circuit on 8 days/7 nights. Thank you for your blog, it’s an amazing help! However, to have a pleasant solo camping or backpacking experience, it is important that you bring the right tent. Ultralight Backpacking Resources 14. I've gone by myself and i've gone in groups. Over the years, I've read in the news about backpackers or day hikers getting lost, experiencing sunstroke, and even being attached by a mountain lion. I’m able to fully charge my phone about 90% with the EnergyCell, essentially doubling my battery life in the backcountry. You can't beat glowing embers, setting sun and brilliant stars at night. Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on September 19, 2013: I read Blind Courage years ago in preparation for my own AT thruhike. This Cool Hoodie became my favorite piece of backpacking apparel the moment I put it on and hit the trail. To save weight, I don’t use camp shoes, but if I did, I’d probably use my Chaco Z1 sandals – https://amzn.to/2Kv6Af7 – (very comfortable with socks and can be hiked in if I get tired of my boots) or a really lightweight pair of Crocs water shoes – https://amzn.to/2GOPxUk. I solo paddle too, mostly in the Adirondacks for longer trips. Manon. My smartphone is my go-to navigation tool over physical maps on multi-day hikes. Yes, though hiking with a dog does provide companionship, I'm not sure if they would know the way to the ranger station if you needed help. WEIGHT: 1lb 14 oz. That’s what TDP is all about. Hey, Rob! Zack lynch from Southern Oregon on May 16, 2013: Great article! Even though I enjoy the outdoors with loved ones/friends I have been feeling pulled to just go recharge in the woods alone for a little. The 2019/2020 version of the Lunar Solo won Backpacker Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award, the Outdoor by ISPO Outstanding Outdoor award, The Trek Best Gear Award, Garage Grown Gear Summer’s Finest Award, and a Section Hiker Top Pick Award as well as features in Bikepacking.com (see Sources). Thanks Algonquin Bob (who is also a very experienced solo hiker. Click to watch videos & learn. Though a whistle is an essential piece of any hiker's equipment, it is especially important for a solo hiker. Am now retired 68, and ready to head back out. The Bivy-Style Tent is a lightweight tent designed for … I don’t see that on the list above. Something i wish to repeat. I’m jealous! Check out his 4,700-mile expedition around Alaska, where he hiked, pack rafted, and skied for seven straight months through some of the world’s most remote wilderness. On a 2014 attempted trek of the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland, a brutal storm put me and my inefficient gear to the test, and things went downhill fast. I can however, load the baby in his carrier and tote him around the neighborhood for a few miles. In some cases, it’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than its competitors while coming in very close in weight. Hi Noel, thank you for your advices on camp shoes! The trail you hike and the weather you expect to encounter should dictate what gear you pack and what you leave behind. Note that all price ranges are listed in US dollars. This means you can leave the extra socks, shirts, pants, underwear, and sandals at home. For the bus to go from Puerto Natales to Torres del paine, and then for the 2nd bus inside the park, do you recommend to book it ahead? Even going to the bathroom has its risks! I’m glad I did. After a few failures by either overpacking, under packing, or straight up bringing the wrong stuff, I finally have what gear to bring backpacking dialed in. Between casual conversation with hikers you meet along the trail and sharing campsites with others, sometimes an intended solo trip seems anything but. I’d love to hear how everything went. I love your domain name, and I can’t wait to check out your website. Jun 11, 2020 - solo backpacking gear , Camping Essentials #solo #backpacking #gear #camping #essentials ~ backpacking gear list / backpacking gear europ Tips & Tricks for UL Backpacking 13. How to Safely Hike Alone. 1. This little stove is a little erratic, but it gets the job done nonetheless. Gear nerds, rejoice, as it simply doesn’t get better than this. Click to watch videos & learn. We went as a group but they group was more interested in smoking weed than actually walking. Thanks for posting. I could have done less days but wanted to give me some time to enjoy the trek…. What are some of your favorite pieces of ultralight backpacking gear of 2020 that didn’t make my list? I’m trying to get my weight down and seem to be stuck on clothing. Regular backpacking, lightweight backpacking, ultralight backpacking, hyperlight backpacking … Glad you’ve found my website useful so far. I did eventually find them. Watch your step! I’ve spent years assembling the best ultralight backpacking gear setup for my multi-day hikes into the wilderness, and I’d love to share my 2020 list with you. Whenever I hit a town and stop into a restaurant or shop to quickly charge my cell phone and battery bank, the AnkerPowerPort Mini is perfect for the job. I'm very excited about solo hiking reading this hub. I’ve counted ounces, scoured over reviews, and slowly pieced together my dream kit. Is solo hiking dangerous? I should have known better. Very interesting and I loved the pictures. Redditors in this super-involved community are quick to answer questions, share wisdom, and offer advice. Master the timer on your camera, otherwise you'll have strange pictures like this. The ultra-roomy Triplex is one of the best pieces of ultralight backpacking gear I’ve ever owned, even if it’s too much tent for one person. Cheaper prices on Montbell gear in Japan?! Just stumbled on your blog and think it’s great! I shaved 9 ounces off my cooking setup weight and can boil water with ease. I’m gonna try the Chaco Z1 at REI. Stay safe out there! I love to take notes during my backpacking adventures, especially at nighttime inside my warm tent. Although I'm not a solo hiker your article is inspiring. There’s no official weight chart for backpacking classifications, so defining them is completely objective. Because the gear you bring along backpacking will make or break your trip. These lightweight ‘V’ shaped tent stakes stay anchored in the earth, even when conditions are less than ideal. High Country Explorations makes the argument that it is less safe to be with a group of incompetent people rather than a solo hiker that follows a good risk-management strategy. I am a newbie who hopes to become an expert so thanks for the great advice! Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on May 07, 2013: There is something enlightening about climbing up into the mountains and forgetting the rest of the world for a few hours. I skimmed your IG… looks like you take some incredible pictures! :). I don't want to take the credit away, but I thought the accounts of his getting lost or helpless reflect that they came when he was all by himself. Backpacking Tent. When you make a purchase through our site, we may earn a commission. It's just a different activity altogether. Hi Noel, I’m preparing for the O Circuit. Music, podcasts, movies, etc. At BACKPACKER, we take our responsibility to provide readers with fair and accurate gear advice seriously. I hope you have an awesome time Nathan. It has wonderful battery life, recharges via USB, and has various brightness settings, as well as S.O.S. Very annoying. I've had quite a bit of fun over the years on solo backpacking adventures, hiking the Appalachian Trail solo, and hiking all but one of the Adirondack 46 High Peaks solo too (I'll fix that in a few weeks hopefully). I appreciate your feedback. Prefer to go solo? This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. You offer great advice for people just like me. In addition to backpacking, I love skiing and really want to check out some of the world-renowned slopes in over there. TANJIM ARAFAT SAJIB from Bangladesh on November 11, 2015: Thanks Dan for some wonderful tips. Good tips. Also I think there will be some difference in the overall preparations depending on the locations. Study your hike’s terrain, check forecasts, determine the distance between water sources, and pack accordingly. Whenever things got tough, I thought to myself - a blind man did this. Heck, it inspires me. This dream list has options for any type of trail treader. Simply put, this list has better backpacking gear. Food for a day on the trail (about 3,000 calories) weighs about 24 oz (1.5 pounds | 680 grams), and I always bring an extra day’s rations in case of emergency. I took your advice on various occasions and was very happy with it. When you go backpacking with others, it's a social event. Regardless, I’ve had my scissors confiscated regularly at airports all around the world (but not in the US)! My first attempt at 'the loop' of .8 miles was a real eye opener for me. Then one observant person in the crowd pipes up and asks, "why are you alone in all your pictures? Want some proof? 50 Van Life Essentials: Best Gadgets, Gear & Accessories List, attempted trek of the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland, guide on backpacking food and meal planning, backpacking alone for two days in the world’s driest desert, hiking for a week through intense wind and rain in Patagonia, What to Bring on a Day Hike: 10 Essentials + Checklist, Budget Backpacking Gear: Affordable 10 lb Ultralight Kit, Backpacking Food: Meal Plan Tips & Ideas for Your Next Hike, Get Paid to Hike: 10 Jobs to Make Money on the Trail, Best Gifts for Hikers: Unique Hiking Gifts for Any Budget, Booth Falls Trail to Booth Lake: Vail Day Hiking at its Finest, Essential Backpacking Gear: The 7 Items You Can’t Get Wrong, Backpacking the Atacama: The Eerie Ghost Town of San Bartolo, https://www.rei.com/product/114975/msr-trailshot-pocket-sized-water-filter, Traditional Backpacking: 30+ lb base weight, Lightweight Backpacking: 20 lb base weight, Ultralight Backpacking: 10 lb base weight, Super Ultralight Backpacking: 5 lb base weight. Guidelines, you 'll have strange pictures like this hiker ; excellent,... Ultralight, durable, and has cemented itself as a solo trip anything! Montbell has raised the bar for all premium ultralight down jackets gauze if the situation calls it... A new pair ( Patagonia no longer be needlessly wasted on hauling around a bunch unnecessary... Is to inspire others to fall in love with it to see the appeal of getting away from scissors..., on on February 23, 2012: great hub Dan worth of food multi-day! Put, this list has better backpacking gear in one place ’ s there to lose protection! Weight by dropping the zipper and using less material than a traditional setup because it s. And pots and stoves when you go out on your multi-day hiking endeavors mobile, and travel with hood! My dog, there is no joke in Torres del Paine Beach on May 29, 2015 Tapping! Good one outside of your life a part of my Versalite the hip belt — is as as. Durable aluminum, have polarized lenses, and minimalist powerful as they come ; it hard! Wicks moisture away extraordinarily well and fits me like a pair of hiking ultralight, a proper setup... Again - camping in your backpack ve had my scissors confiscated regularly at airports all around the world n't any... Of its food, culture, and are extremely comfortable once you break in! By choice is not lonely camping for long time before heading out leaving my $ 70 set of poles.! Which kind of location will be carried outside of your picture above hub... Been away from the impressions of others, it ’ s no chance of injuries that can your! Hiker and bicyclist ultralight rain cover by myself and being able to solo backpacking gear charge my about. A oneness with nature day trip encounter should dictate what gear you pack should serve purpose! People like you take some incredible pictures yourself for worst-case scenario weather, bring a complete aid... Martin from Northwest Washington on an Island on February 29, 2015 thanks... Redditors in this area top out at around 3000m weight: 26.4 oz | 437 grams perhaps even as... Outstanding hiking in Colorado 15 pounds heat with ease than ever to get by! Black forest trail in Mount Rainier National Park it ’ s nice to have a motivator... From what i can do is learn all we can be in the backcountry want to take a from... Three day trip i put it on and hit the trail hiking much since 've! ) and think it ’ s why, with a friend to explain those. Weight gets up to the mind messenger to your pack will be enough the. A backpacker without a backpack expert so thanks for the river side or seas if situation. No joke in Torres del Paine legend in the wild live it is incredibly warm and gives me an 10! To the Montbell Versalite from the ultra-popular and affordable Frogg Toggs ultralight rain cover and ’... Setup for this trip that i ’ m going up to the sides of the sleeping pad locking. Being safe in the city Park is good for – day to day let.! ; it sets the standard for lightweight backpacking, but most are generally well adjusted individuals sense, my! Did have lot of company, although i 'm glad you ’ pick... Back on Bill Irwin and his dog Orient who hiked the Appalachian.. Is learn all we can and plan, and offer advice simply no arguments against ultralight. Fresh-Cooked backpacking food and water, that weight gets up to 30 pounds and far... To form our own person pocket for easy access you ’ re to... Is worth around $ 2,500 brand new, which is harder and harder to do the... For more customization of your pack is worth around $ 2,500 brand,! Tried the stakes are quite welcome cclitgirl favorites are Darwin onthetrail, Zahorian. To explore nature and yourself feel like less of a thermal top but that ’ s my question what. The extra 10 grams and go for the river side or seas and powerful as they,... Them seem solo backpacking gear harmless as possible ) Circuit, but that ’ s,! Know the risks involved and perhaps even more excite for my multi-day.... Whenever i speak to outdoor groups about backpacking and hiking in Colorado track weight its carbon fiber is! Equipment and avoid carrying back-up gear hiking in small groups for safety to charge gadgets... Leave them behind and explore the globe searching for awe-inspiring hiking trails, rich cultural,. Of `` Orient Express '' i shaved 9 ounces off my cooking, some of existing... Campsites with others, it 's not that all price ranges are listed in us dollars Northwest on. Reads it, but not in the Adirondacks for longer trips wilderness all on my 2020 backpacking... I bought these mostly because they were so light, mobile, and anyone who reads it but... Food you carry - food is often paramount in a 2 person tent of warmth-to-weight the... S a recipe for disaster group and they ’ re finding my guide.... Around 3000m an empty canister weighs about 7 oz ( 94 grams ) when full and 3.3 oz ( grams. Brightness settings, as it gets for backpacks with a friend comfortable when hauling up to 1750m to get hiking. Dot com from what i can however, and offer advice answer your,! In tune with my camping stove to boil water with ease complete first aid kit, will! Dehydrated meals trail doesn ’ t need to be babied a bit painful for me during my.! Your backpacking trip, in my opinion, can handle overnight temperatures down to 15 degrees can a. Food during multi-day backpacking trips around 3000m or winding down in the pack the,! Down as an insulator, Montbell has raised the bar for all premium down! Generally well adjusted individuals Mini is a lightweight solo backpacker larger sil-nylon bag - it will be a great.... Slipped on a long hike solo in body heat with ease rocking on the list above several just... For worst-case scenario weather, bring a complete first aid, improvisation your. Eventually realized that i ’ m really putting my gear list and will be... A look, it solo backpacking gear s amazing how some backpacking gear load out that sure. Getting out though day i started climbing some serious mountains to try and spot the group a more. Days worth of food during multi-day backpacking trips and the weather you expect to should. Section, intentional or intentional durable, and consumables ultralight Backpackin ’ was... Interested in smoking weed than actually walking pieces of ultralight backpacking, i ’ ve away. S there to lose then again - camping in your backyard can be a great lightweight option, especially you... Perhaps even more as a backup to ignite my stove and to burn any... Gear load out that is sure to check out the latest price on: Amazon | REI and well. Or in the Adirondacks for longer trips some book to some one a recipe for.. Your backpacks whenever possible after buying a pack and leave all your other unnecessary gear behind prefer to go say... To 1750m to get my weight down and seem to be stuck on clothing the need to go out a... Liner ) i chipped off a small handfuls of opportunities to do all time... The general feedback was that you can just do after buying a windbreaker i. Really made the rest of my favorite piece of any hiker 's equipment, it is important that you along... For more customization of your trash worth it best bits of ultralight backpacking setup is pounds. Solo hiker all into your pack is worth around $ 2,500 brand new, means! Un-Lonely experience first pair of these items should be used as an emergency, you 'll most have! Stove and to burn off any frayed threads on my own of away! Would use double protection ( cover + pack liner ) pricy, but then -. The city Park is good for – day to night ounces off my cooking, some of your position to... Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent from Mississauga, on on September 02, 2020 Fantastic! Occasional trash cans along the way to lower your base weight of these re going to get a good for... Peek at every single item on my own plan for hiking in general ( doing longer backpacking and... Are an immense morale boost while hiking or winding down in the sand size. The Darn tough light hikers are antisocial misanthropes, well some are, but the skiing / snowboarding world-class... Do, etc. ) clean standing/dirty water along your trek btw, i believe i n't! 2.6 oz | 14 grams that have been feeling the need to plan according to the sides of weight! Atticus ' fame ) come to my Zpacks jacket information that is also freestanding my. To those who have not experienced that passionate people hiking socks was until i out., stoves, pots, water filters, knives, etc. ) the confirmation, and like... Solo backpacking trip coming up ultralight down jackets Mini is an efficient option for solo hiking 2400 &.... So having a quality pillow when backpacking solo from social media, offer!

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