2 into pieces. Unfortunately, former No. The word is typically not used by the Claymores themselve… Clare's only friend in Claymore school. But in the middle of fighting, she realizes that Rafaela was trying to tell her that the one trying to Awaken was not, in fact, Clare herself. Irene also reminds Clare to live,  for she "is the only proof that Teresa ever existed". The three warriors proceed west, over the Toulouse border into Lautrec. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. She then deserts the Organization with Raki. Get up to 50% off. [23] When everyone is safe, Miria questions the hunting party leader, Audrey, and learns that Galatea and Rafaela are no longer with the Organization. 1 Alicia and No. She is considered to be quite attractive, as commented by both Sid and a knight passing by her at an inn in Rabona. This experiment was considered a failure, as she was considered weak and was given the last rank of No. Each symbol is a unique design that identifies the warriors of the Organization. The Ghosts begin to fight Priscilla, but Clare momentarily retreats in order to bandage Raki's wounds. She fights Dauf, trying to get past him to save the party. The Ghosts bring the deformed cocoon to the outskirts of Rabona in the aftermath. She abandons her search for Raki when Rubel and Rafaela catch them. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. With aid from Tabitha, Clare and Miria easily dispatch their target, who has abilities similar to Agatha. Clare remains behind after the other three escape. Home Brands Anime ClaymorePatch - Claymore - Clare Symbol. After the first battle, Flora challenges Clare to a fight in order to determine whose attack was quicker—Flora's Windcutter attack or Clare's Flash Sword. She stops using it after her near-awakening destroys the sleeve. Add interesting content and earn coins. But the Yoma was protecting the town from bandits, who now attack. 18), Wendy (No. Patricia Balleser Feb 23, 2018. Clare's voice actor is Houko Kuwashima and her English voice actor is Stephanie Young. During those seven years in the North, each warrior strengthened herself individually and polished her own specialty. She was about to awaken after using too much of her Yoki against the Yoma, but thanks to Raki's grandeur of humanity, she retained her human consciousness through the example of Raki's sheer love and humanity and thus overcame awakening. This revelation reverts Clare back into a warrior, and Teresa then requests that they fight together, using Clare's strength from her life experiences.[46]. Her Awakened right arm is most likely what Irene's right arm would have looked like if she were to Awaken. With things looking bleak, Octavia and the rest of the remaining high-ranking Awakened Beings, save for Chronos and Lars, appear behind the group with the seeming intent of allying themselves with the Seven Ghosts to take down Cassandra. Irene decides to train Clare in her Quicksword attack. Cynthia begins healing the arm almost immediately, but she senses that the younger warrior's Yoki is all but spent. Clare joins her third Awakened Being Hunting Party in the town of Gonal. When first introduced, Clare was a very cold warrior who prioritized her duties over everything else; this is shown when after saving Raki from a Yoma, she told him that she had to get it into a position in which she could kill it easily, implying that she cared more about killing the Yoma than saving his life. Clare and Teresa . In the anime, the Yoma is voiced by actresses and presented as female. irene. Her body appears wispy, disguising her supernatural strength. But Priscilla's sudden approach distracts Clare. After telling him to not die, she then re-enters the battle and attacks Priscilla repeatedly with the Quick-Sword. Clare 7 years after the Northern Campaign. Teresa, in Clare's body, chats with Raki briefly, the former initially expressing her disgruntlement at the thought of such a man claiming Clare's chastity. I would recommend it to any fan. Upon reaching Rabona, they fight and defeat Agatha. The leader is Ophelia, one of the single-digits that Miria warned about. But another Yoma captured Clare, forcing her to travel with him as a cover and toy.

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