The easiest way to describe it is that they see him as a one-trick pony who has no intention in addressing issues specific to African-Americans, an impression he’s made no effort to dispel. By industry standards, that is A LOT. Like any fan favorite, the reasons vary, but let’s take a closer look at the characters and their multi-generational conflict to see why their supernatural manga resonates with so many. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has taken place in 19th century England, North America during the late 1930s, and in Japan during the 1980s. Joe Russo explains why Avengers: Endgame managed to become the highest grossing movie of all time. By the time I got around to Joe’s podcast with the Harvard Medical School professor David Sinclair, an expert on the biology of aging and emerging research on treating it like a disease, I started to feel foolish. He began an episode the following week by apologizing for how lousy the Dorsey interview had gone, and though he insisted he wasn’t covering for a buddy, he acknowledged the bad optics. Even though this is all perfectly legal and borderline encouraged in California, it was seen as further evidence that Musk had gone wobbly. Which would be a fair analogy, if the other person in the dorm room was Elon Musk, and after everyone passed out he went to the engineering lab and built a rocket. Why Is the Honda Accord So Popular? But why is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure so popular among manga and anime fans? He promised a “fun” interview with Jones, as if it was a joyful, long-awaited reunion rather than offensive for even existing, and he assured his listeners that “you’re gonna love it.”, Even before Jones sat down, Rogan seemed unpierced by the genuine anguish that Jones had caused the parents of murdered first graders. Why Is Kia So Popular? In early 2020, Joe Rogan signed a record $100 Million deal with Spotify to exclusively host his Joe Rogan Experience podcast for three years on their network. Master your domain. And yet I came away more comfortable with Joe’s vision of manhood—and more determined to do the exact opposite. “I say shit I don’t mean because it’s funny,” he says during the special, which is something all comedians say, and is sort of true but also sort of not. These networks offer some of the most popular podcasts, including Stuff You Should Know, Planet Money, and TED Radio Hour. ), “Learn, learn, learn, ladies and gentlemen,” Joe said at the start of one podcast episode this winter, wrapping up an ad read for the online education platform Skillshare. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. The bedrock issue, though, is Rogan’s courting of a middle-bro audience that the cultural elite hold in particular contempt—guys who get barbed-wire tattoos and fill their fridge with Monster energy drinks and preordered their tickets to see Hobbs & Shaw. During a podcast episode in March, he described himself as “fucking left wing” and “almost a socialist,” then ticked off a list of progressive issues he backs, including universal basic income and free college. The rest of the country should start paying attention. You make all the people. Two windbags gusting for so long they could’ve powered a desert of turbines. You just don’t hear about it because it’s buried under 300,000 hours of conversation with Anthony Jeselnik. Aside from weed, which he very much enjoys and whose legalization he supports, and whiskey, which he enjoys maybe even more, and that awful brown toothpaste, Joe Rogan’s body is a temple. Also Dr. Phil. “And yet … these same people on the left are people who have as a genuine ethical norm the rehabilitation of murderers … There’s no way to square those two things.” These are both good, if imperfect, points to raise, but neither of them seems to grasp that a good point coming out of the wrong mouth doesn’t count for squat. Played! His podcast is hugely popular and is almost always ranked number 1 on the top charts. It’s impossible to be a Joe Rogan completist, so most of his fans pick a few tributaries. Rogan is a key figure in the rise of MMA—Dana White once called him “the best fight announcer who has ever called a fight in the history of fighting”—but I don’t care about fighting, so I didn’t listen to any of Joe’s podcasts with fighters. Free speech and its consequences, particularly the deplatforming of right-wing political provocateurs, is a push-button subject for Rogan, and it’s where he gets himself into the most trouble. From its eco-friendly policies to store theme, we found seven main reasons that people across the board love Trader Joe's. He’s from a middle-class Boston suburb, he’s bald, and for God’s sake, his name is Joe. In honor of his birthday, we are reposting this article examining why he’s become so popular.] (No, Joe, Twitter banning white nationalists from its privately held publishing platform is not censorship—it might be a risky corporate policy, but it is not censorship.). Just to clarify, I am an avid podcast listener, though mostly in the true crime category. Eventually he found two outlets: fighting and telling jokes, which just so happen to be two things that can thrill some people at the same time as they’re really hurting others. You can buy two Blue Snowball Microphones for $100, which were the exact model that carried the dramatic science fiction podcast Welcome to Nightvaleto a world tour level of popularity. During my entire Joe Rogan experience, I never liked him more. Whatever gets the job done. A few months after his election, the newly elected pope met with Jesuit students of all ages. “If traditional media were pissed about anything relevant to the Musk-Rogan interview, it was the extent to which Rogan got played.”. [ Read: Why Bernie Sanders is no Jeremy Corbyn ]. It’s a description that also matches your garden-variety “Bernie bro,” the Biden guy who just wants to change the subject, and that walking man bun who charged the stage at a Kamala Harris campaign event and showed his “profound respect” for all the women present—for a conversation about equal pay—by grabbing the microphone to lecture her about animal rights. All Rights Hillary, the #MeToo movement, why it sucks that he can’t call things “gay,” vegan bullies, sexism. Indeed, the four politicians atop the 2020 ticket have a combined 21 memoirs, by rough count. His interview last fall with Elon Musk has been viewed more than 24 million times on YouTube, and his YouTube channel, PowerfulJRE, has 6 million subscribers. Related: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: How Each of DIO’s Minions Was Defeated In Egypt. The podcast is where Joe Rogan graduates from the guy you think you know (Fear Factor, UFC, comedy clubs) to someone who makes you think, “Wait—Joe Rogan?” Yes, Joe Rogan. It’s a massive group congregating in plain sight, and it’s made up of people you know from high school, guys who work three cubicles down, who are still paying off student loans, who forward jealous-girlfriend memes, who spot you at the gym. I won’t quote anything Alex Jones said on the podcast, so just picture a walrus with a persecution complex, or a talking pile of gravel. We could all have a podcast like Joe. They’re aligned around Joe. Also, he was short. But I don’t think that was the issue. 1255) for three weeks, and then another week once I saw the running time: nearly five hours. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind its appeal. But it is not unreasonable for Rogan to consider that line of questioning someone else’s job. My little brother. Why Is Joe Rogan So Popular? He enjoys grilling elk that he shot with a bow, and he works out with the maniacal zeal you’d expect from someone who has favorite mushrooms. He’s not the first person Dorsey has bullshitted to death, and he won’t be the last. Wonderful! Aside from weed, which he very much enjoys and whose legalization he supports, and whiskey, which he enjoys maybe even more, and that awful brown toothpaste, Joe Rogan’s body is a temple. Where other manga and comic book stories might limit themselves to following a single character or team of heroes, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure follows the exploits of several generations of the Joestar family. Just ask comics how nervous they get trying out new material in front of a live audience now versus a decade ago. Lots of these panicked men, as it happens, despise Trump every bit as much as they love Joe Rogan. All kinds of men out there are pissed off and looking for someone to blame. And just as Marvel took a long road before arriving at the MCU, JoJo has had many false starts before finally delivering an anime series that has allowed new generations to discover the appeal of this story. Like many of these men, Joe grumbles a lot about “political correctness.” He knows that he is privileged by virtue of his gender and his skin color, but in his heart he is sick of being reminded about it. It’s also becoming one of his most successful projects. But he didn’t. Or climate-change experts? Next: Live-Action JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Coming, Takeshi Milke To Direct. Talking so (so, so, so) much about the things men talk about in 2019 when they think no one’s listening. I can’t seem to get in the habit of taking vitamins and I just need to accept that I never will. He just speaks his mind. There is valid evidence to support this belief, in particular Joe’s habit of granting an audience to cruel opportunists like Jones, who’s been on the show twice, most recently a much-hyped “return” to the podcast in February after the two had fallen out over Jones’s Sandy Hook lies—the ones that prompted some of his listeners to harass the parents of murdered first graders, according to some of these parents. The manga’s first arc was also adapted into a feature anime film, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (2007), which received a theatrical release. Only Vice President Mike Pence has yet to publish one. An indifferently received episode will tend to get somewhere around 1 million views. Or biosocial scientists? “What are the criteria for successful apologies and for forgiveness?” Rogan agreed, hard, and they discussed the case of Liam Neeson, who may have done lasting damage to his career by confessing to racist thoughts in his youth that he is ashamed of now. With so many story arcs yet to explore, it’s a sure bet that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will be around for a long time. And like lots of other men in America, not just the white ones, he’s reckoning out loud with a fear that the word masculinity has become, by definition, toxic. As it turns out, TJ’s does cut a couple costs here and there—and some of their money-saving tricks might surprise you. We’re just different. The rest of the country should start paying attention. (The NYU Stern business-school professor Jonathan Haidt, episode No. Thought followers. Or ethical-leadership lecturers? Reserved. With Rogan, you can often see and hear the tension between what he knows he’s supposed to believe and what he really thinks. Rogan seems like a regular Joe, but he’s not. Joe's experience is a lot like what many people have had. Rogan’s father was a cop in Newark, New Jersey, and Joe was born on August 11, 1967, less than a month after the city burned for five days of riots that killed 26 people, including one police officer, and injured more than 700. And, go figure, his approach has the virtue of putting his subjects at ease and letting the conversation go to poignant places, like the moment when Musk reflected on what it was like to be Elon Musk as a child—his brain a set of bagpipes that blared all day and all night. Jones’s recent appearance on the podcast came after he was sued by families of children and educators murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre—a mass shooting that Jones falsely claimed was a hoax, which families of the victims say prompted his gang of fans to harass them. Michael Jung is a mild-mannered freelance writer-for-hire, actor, and professional storyteller with a keen interest in pop culture, education, nonprofit organizations, and unusual side hustles. It seemed like the next best way to get into the head of a type of man who is very different from me, but whose concept of masculinity is far more prevailing than mine. It’s lightweight, fast, open source and cross-platform nature along with other cool features gives it … 144:49- Joe asks when he would be able to reveal this, and James Fox encourages Jacques to just do it now. He tends to assert his progressive credentials, though, only when he gets accused of being a far-right mouthpiece, and it always has a ring of “Some of my best friends voted for Hillary.” More revealing is who he invites onto his podcast, and what subjects he chooses to feast on in his stand-up specials. To get it all out in the open. I had assumed going in that Rogan would explain himself at the top, similar to what he’d done after booting the Jack Dorsey interview. Why do you think Fifty Shades of Grey is so popular? In the same way that YouTube empowers anyone with a camera to make a movie, podcasts allow anyone with a microphone to make a radio show. Jones’s first appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience was two years ago (episode No. And if you cast a wide enough net, clear patterns emerge. And a key thing Joe and his fans tend to have in common is a deficit of empathy.

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